Knight and Day is a special film for me. Barring Cameron’s occasionally annoying hysterics, I love every scene of the film. The cinematography, Tom’s existence (stay still, my heart) and the enticing element of a futuristic battery that can cure all our power woes. I have my reasons for the latter part. I come from a country where power outages are pretty normative and some folks down here endure 12-hour cuts in the blistering equatorial heat.

But one thing that captured my fancy the most (after Tom’s smile- excuse the fangirl in me) was the concept of a Someday. A day we keep delaying, forced to conform to the societal bondage. A Someday is anything we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but we couldn’t – coming up with excuses and justifications. We get tied up and we convince ourselves that a day will come when we will truly live for ourselves. But it never happens.


I remember my high school professor telling me about this dream of his- he wanted to go see the Anne Frank house the following summer. But the summer never came. Familial obligations, routine assignments, financial crunches never allowed him to go. And then he died. The Someday never came to being.

And that forced me to deliberate about my Somedays and whether I’ll ever be able to achieve them. So here is my list –
1. Finish a book. Unafraid of the response. Unafraid of what my relatives will think of it. Unafraid in the general sense. A book that I’ll write solely for myself, proceeding to go nuts with ‘Artistic Freedom’


2. Ride in an elevator and get over my crippling claustrophobia. I haven’t been in an elevator for over 2 years now after a harrowing experience which involved me being stuck with my little brother.


3. Learn to swim. I could never learn, attributing it to my mild Hydrophobia. Not that I can help it, I get freaked out by a shower.


4. Go starwatching with an intimate companion. In the woods, or just any place where the skies remain unaffected by the pollution. I plan to brush up on some astronomy in the coming days.


5. Go backpacking across Europe with friends. I’m still working on the monetary constraints though.


6. Learn to play a piano. Because, Hugh Laurie. ’nuff said.


Now that I’ve a concrete list, I can get a move on.
I think Avicii’s Wake Me Up sums up my plans pretty accurately.


“I can’t tell where the journey will end,
But I know where to start.”

– A


13 thoughts on “Somedays

  1. Ugh my heart. That was pretty heavy reading for first thing in the morning, but what a beautiful post.
    It’s so admirable to set yourself goals like this and have the determination to reach them, and I’m sure you will!
    You’re a lovely writer and sure that book you finish will be beautiful 🙂

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    1. I have this wide smile right now. Thank you for the faith in my writing skills, something that is really needed whilst I battle this accursed Writer’s Block.
      Others would say my goals are preposterous or something. But you my friend, you make my happy.
      Lots of love.

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      1. I think you’ve set yourself very realistic and humble goals.
        Other people set goals that are so outlandish and far reached like jet-setting around the entire globe; you just want to back-pack across Europe, or they want to write a best selling novel, make millions and become the next JK Rowling; you just want to finish writing a novel.
        These other people really need to take a step back and reevaluate their priorities, your goals are very achievable and personal to yourself and I have faith you will do them.
        I sort of feel like I should be setting myself some goals now. So far my only goal is to make it to work on time!

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  2. Another beautiful piece of writing that gets straight to my heart. You’re right that we delay our ‘must do’ someday things, sometimes till it’s too late… and having them at the forefront of our mind and taking steps to get closer to achieving those things can only be a good thing. This is really inspirational. PS. I will buy your book x

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    1. You’re spoiling me with your generous compliments. I’ve no idea how to respond because there isn’t anything I’m yet to say that I haven’t said already.
      Thank you for appreciating stuff born out of my writer’s block. Makes it v less excruciating.
      PS. I will buy your book too. Not a doubt about it. ❤

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      1. No compliment, when given from a genuine place by somebody willing to give it amounts to spoiling. Spoiling is giving kids too much chocolate at Easter!!! Your writing thoroughly deserves praise, but I know it can feel overwhelming to believe it and allow it to sink in. I suffer from self doubt (when I’m not hypomanic!) and used to subscribe to the ‘I’m nothing special’ philosophy of life, but no more…if you’re gonna put yourself out there and write for an audience, enjoy being spoiled by the praise. When you write as well as you do, you better get used to it! 😊💙💙💙 xxx

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      2. My self esteem is doing cartwheels right now. Thank you so much for the faith. It’s beautiful when someone that bloody amazing thinks that you’ve got something going on. I feel giddy at times. 😂😂
        I hope I can learn more from you, and improve my work. And I’m here to make the most of this experience. You’re helping me to cherish it more with each lovely comment. Thank you. ❤❤❤❤❤


      3. I’m super glad I made you giddy 🙌🙌🙌 haha 😜 My philosophy is say what you see. I see your a great writer. I love reading your blog posts…so I say it-simple 😊 xxx I did an actual cartwheel at my daughter’s school fayre and embarrassed her in front of her friends 😆😂💛

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