Yesterday was hard on all of us

The title is obviously referring to Fink’s amazing track that wrenches my heart everytime I hear it. It’s one of those songs that act like portals to an alternative reality where things never go horribly wrong. I remember listening to this song during a very tough phase of my life. For me, the titular yesterday was my entire life built up on my peevish existence.

I’m sure we all have times when we think that life’s getting too hard, that it’s just better to let go than resist. Because resistance ends up draining you completely. It sucks the life out of you until you have nothing but your hollowness to crawl into. Resistance is difficult, but then so is life. It was never supposed to be easy, you know? It was supposed to a random assortment of crests and troughs with Karma as gamekeeper.
But things never work out the way they’re supposed to.
It’s hard. It’s pointless at times. It’s shards on your shins. It’s endless nights with damp pillows and damper cheeks. It’s brutalised dreams and elusive fancies. It’s blinding neon in your eyes. It’s acrid words and sour milk. It’s everything that you think can never happen to you.

Yeah, life is a series of heartbreaks and betrayals. So will you permit yourself to be its beloved dumping ground? How does that make you any different from any corpse in a forgotten cemetery? Resist. Till your sinews are stretched taut to the point of fragmentation. Take off your mittens, get in your warrior gear. Justify your position in this unfair cosmos. Don’t sit and mope about how Karma is a redundant belief system that has no visible implementation. Everything is unfair. So what are you going to do about it- whine and drown yourself in alcohol/tobacco/drugs/promiscuity or get up and retaliate?

Yesterday was hard on ALL of us. But what we make of it, is entirely up to us.

– A


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