Midnight Conversations

I had this really profound conversation with a friend last night. We’ve known each other for almost an year now and we both happen to be part-time philosophers who keep coming up with crazy theories. In our defence, we try to validate our theories by applying it to our lives. That usually invites more chaos till we have no option but to abandon our impractical dogmas.

So this friend has been in and out of depression. She’s at the stage where she routinely has to crack depression jokes to downplay her situation but I know better. I’m a firm believer of the fact that midnight conversations have a plethora of emotions bubbling like soda bottles, you just have to know when to unleash the fizz. These conversations reveal more than my friend consciously wishes to on a daily basis. So my centipede of a friend turns into this amazing existentialist by night. This is how the conversation goes-

Le Friend : The Earth is legit groaning under the weight of us retarded humans. I mean, we’re not even THAT smart as these evolutionary trends proclaim…
Me: Totally. Retarded.
Le Friend : You know what’s crazier?
Me : The fact that I slept for 8 hours and yet my soul craves the soft touch of my bed?
Le Friend : Focus, you sloth. It’s crazy how we humans think our lives count for anything. We are a planet of billions with kids being popped out like baseballs from a canon.
Me : okay…
Le Friend : We will be razed to the ground. A time will come when no will be there as a testament to our pathetic lives. We will just be a name in the national census.
Me : What stuff are you on tonight? I want some too.
Le Friend : Never mind. The cosmos doesn’t care. It never did.
Me : Hear me out. The universe does care about your existence, about your peevish self-indulgence, about your tangled web of hair. It cares about your funny walk, or the way your lips part for the first monsoon rain. Or even the way you noisily slurp your favourite soup, or the way you sing – acutely aware of your royal disgrace of a music sense. The universe does care about your life and death. Because I can’t let you believe that there won’t be someone or something – a part of this never ending cosmos, who wouldn’t miss your being.
If you don’t know what that something is, think about what will you come up for when you find yourself drowning. What would be your little sliver of hope, your silver lining that the world is not equipped to see? What is that something which you’ll always go back to, at the end of a long day. Because trust me when I say, the universe cares more than we give it credit for.
Le Friend : That..was something. Wasn’t it?

– A


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