What does heartbreak feel like?

Does it feel like the metallic tang of blood on your lips from biting them more than you should,
Because it stops the words from seeping out –
As you know that no word, no goddamn word from the dictionary could describe what you’re going through?

Does it feel like someone wrenched out your lungs from your body – as excruciatingly as the process could possibly be
Because it aches to convince yourself that you are capable of breathing – that your ribs won’t collapse on movement.

Or maybe it feels like gloomy songs on full volume while you drive on a deserted highway,
Screaming to stop the tears from washing away the painkillers you gulped the previous night
Did you lose count after the 4th?
Maybe you had secretly hoped for an overdose to stop that nocturnal twisting of your gut

What does heartbreak look like?

Does it look like the black, forlorn pit of a forgotten well?
Or does it look like the slimy green of a bitter medicine?
Does it look like the scarlet of fresh blood, surreptitiously trickling down the walls of your heart ;
Or does it look like the turquoise of a bracelet now shoved in your closet

Or maybe it’s more than colours and shades.

Does it look like wrinkled eyes sitting transfixed on an ancient TV screen;
Or does it look like a pair of unmoving legs dipped in a quiet lake;
Does it look like people gallivanting across cubicles of life with a strained nonchalance,
Or does it look like warm typewriters with all the brazen typing from last night

I don’t know what heartbreak looks or feels like,
I don’t even know if I believe in its existence ;
But one thing that I do know, is what you once said,
“Its a sham disease. Hearts don’t break literally.
That would be a medical aberration.
It’s not as if you can actually hear them splinter, right?”

No we can’t ;
Or can we?

– A


14 thoughts on “Heartbreak(s)

  1. I’ve felt it. It’s not necessarily restricted to lovers, but losing someone close to you because of death. That’s a heartbreak that doesn’t really mend; the fracture remains forever; perhaps not as deep or as fresh, but the scar never fades.

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    1. I tried to show heartbreak in its different forms because I realise (like you said) that it isn’t restricted to romantic relationships and their tumults.
      Losing a pet, a loved one, being betrayed when you’re already on ground zero, feeling the world as you know it has collapsed… The list is endless.
      But we heal, at least we try. The scars don’t go, but we learn to live with them glistening on our souls and skins. Some learn to cherish them, so learn to ignore them.

      Thank you for reading my work and pointing out this alternative way of looking at heartbreaks. ❤

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  2. This is a very good bit of writing especially for someone that says they have never experienced it in actuality!
    I can say, having experienced it in all of its dark hues, it is excruciatingly painful and there is no way to ease the pain, you just go through it. For myself as a poet, I use it, I write it, I release it. It becomes my art, a still life, it’s essence remaining frozen in time.
    Thanks for writing this, you really are a great writer! 🙂

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    1. When I say I haven’t experienced it, I actually mean I haven’t felt it in its entirety. *fortunately*
      But I believe when you go though something this hurtful, it adds to your work. It takes away something from your soul, only to manifest itself in your words.
      Thank you for the lovely comment.
      Lots of love. ❤

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