A declaration of L-O-V-E in parts


Part i,
My wrist hurts
From all the knocking.

Part ii,
I am always out of words
Despite all the futile walking.

Part iii,
It takes me half a day
To remind myself to breathe.

Part iv,
I use the other half
For words
For ink
For quills.
For ways to not write about you
And always ending up writing about you.
A declaration of love in omission.

(Note to self: Is it a wonder then
That I don’t write as often as I should?
Is it a wonder
That I find and lose words all at the same time?
Always at the same time.
A love poem without words it is.)

Part v,
Residual feelings
From last winter
Before the writing stopped,
Before the verses
Were falling through crevices
And all the poetry–
Politics, polemic, passion–
Existed somewhere between my fingers.
Residual feelings
Gathering dust
On my floor
While I forget to clean
Because I am too fucking busy
Looking for the words.
Holding on to them

Part vi,
I live between coffee beans and scowls.
I spill both
On table tops, on t-shirts
On bedsheets,
On conversations
I can never have with you.
A declaration of love
Held in contempt.

A declaration of love
In six parts.
Not one really about love.
Each one really about you.

– A


19 thoughts on “A declaration of L-O-V-E in parts

  1. This is so intrigueing. I like it a lot. I have a similiar thing. I don’t want to write or even think about him for that matter. So anytime my thoughts waver to him, I change them. And before this. I was writing and continually found it turned to him. every time. kind of a relation .
    loved the last verse espesically. ( vi )

    Liked by 2 people

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