A goodbye that wasn’t


I would gulp down the morning coffee like a hungry caveman, scalding my mouth while you’d chide me for always running
But I had The Bigger Things to do,
Better prospects to chase,
More money to make

Now the coffee sits shyly on my lap, as I try to delay the inevitable.

Your voice would drown in the cacophony of my car’s stereo,
The obscene rhapsodies of upcoming artistes were of more significance ;
I never even asked what kind of music you like,
What lights up your eyes;
My Bohemia was never for you to venture in

Now the stereo looks at me accusingly,
Because it’s been days since I heard you speak ;
I hope to God I don’t forget the softness of your voice,
And the way your words would glide off effortlessly
It’s dark, but grapple I must

Now we’re at the airport. The final boarding call goading me to do something, pawing my frozen ankles ;
But my words fail me when I need them the most ;
And I see my chimera walking away

I want you to stay, but I’m afraid;
I have lost the right to demand
Your company
Your love
And maybe, your goodbyes.

– A


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