When I’ll be gone


I’ll be gone someday. Poof
Like a smoke ring that lived fleetingly
Never captured, never kept
Created and released. Swoosh
To sit in the lap of the winds while I kiss the world a definitive goodbye.

I’ll be gone someday
And then I’ll just be a name in the list of the worldwide deceased. I’ll be a tomb in a deserted yard or a contaminant in some revered river
I’ll be a statistic in the National Census,
And a picture in the annual yearbook

I’ll be gone someday
But for those who would like to find me someplace else, I say –
Look for me in the crowded skies. Where the stars jostle for a tiny space. Where the moon watches on in sweet delight
When you feel that the sky can’t be embellished anymore. When a star more would cause the cosmos to plummet
I’ll be there somewhere. Look long. Look hard.

Feel me in the wind. Rubbing your cheeks, ruffling your hair like I used to, tugging at your shirt – asking for your time
Covering you, shielding you even if it’s momentary
Listen to the distant hum of the wind, cup your hands to your ears
It will scream out my name for you
Feel. Listen. Smile.

Experience me in empty places, no-man’s lands and abandoned stairs. Every place that cherishes controlled solitude. Measured alienation.
Hallways drained of excited conversations
Classrooms where pigeons strut at the window sill,
Experience me in silence
Experience. Listen. Nudge it away.

Drink me in the rain. Feel my essence in the drops gorged out from the clouds
Sip away till your lips and soul feel sated
Sip. Gulp. Clear your throat.

Because I’ll be gone someday.
(And the tombs wouldn’t count for nought)

– A


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