Ghost Town


It’s very quiet on your side of the town, friend
The cacophony in your head is now crushed by a stinging silence
The words don’t come out. They just don’t
They swirl in a hurricane- starting from the gut, holding your throat in its visceral grip
Little knots dot that throat. Twisting and untwisting every time you think you can finally pull those words out.

Words that you’ve spent nights chasing
Falling. Scraping. Bleeding. Dying.
Words that are the scarlet in your blood
The brown in your eyes. The mole beneath your lips
The guttural moan. The poignant sigh. The suggestive cough.
Words that make living worthwhile.

The words don’t come out. They just don’t
They crawl under your skin. Burning it as they slide. Slide with a vengeance,
A quest to char your flesh for holding in too long
The words are born, painfully. But even the agony can’t expel them out
Out through what?

When there’s no orifice of relief. Or hope
Or anything that could just push those damned words out.

It’s very quiet on your side of the town, friend
Even pain can’t extract your words out. The same pain which would entwine with your fingers till they had blisters and bruises – after writing way too much
The pain doesn’t even register. It just lingers till it has no choice but to sit subdued,
Subdued not by resilience; But by your forced apathy.

The town is razed to the ground now, friend
Even vultures don’t dare mark their appearance
What more can they destroy,
What more can they take away?

– A


15 thoughts on “Ghost Town

      1. Haha thank you, I’m just so self conscious about my writing, I’ve still not posted any fiction I’ve ever written because I’m so nervous about it.
        Your writing style is just beautiful and haunting and something to aspire too.
        And yes, it was most certainly a compliment. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My story ideas are a little ‘all over the place’ at the moment, I developed one far too much, to the point I realised I was sitting with maybe 3 different stories forced into one, so I’m trying to work through and separate those into a few different stories. That’s the problem with my planning before I write, I get way too many ideas and get too carried away.
        I should just write πŸ˜›


      1. Hey , if it isn’t much to ask, would you take a look at my blog too. It would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.


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