Dear Misfit


“I don’t fit in”, you said.
But friend, isn’t that your biggest asset?
You’re Tumultuous. Transient. Tangibly Transcendental.
Why would you ever want to be anything else?

You’re an oddball that looks for solace in restraining bars. In wrong friends. In extreme spurts of solitude
Why would you ever want to be like them all?
Like a disguised abomination. Part pretense and part real. Where lines blur every time you torture yourself for your absurdity

Can’t you see through the forced smiles covering their hollow lives?
Can’t you see the grimy place glossed over by meaningless conversations and unfinished pursuits?
Can’t you see its a vortex that you aim for? And not  a sanctum of peace and validation.

They tell you that you’re weird. Pat your back for this ‘revelation’
Go paint the town black when they assert it ought to be red
Go bedazzle them with your irreverence and glorious adamancy when they insist on sugar and timidity
Go right some wrongs. And wrong some rights.

Go make unfunny jokes under the sun. To hell with those who chain you with their idea of ‘you’
Be a hobo. Or a goddess incarnate.
Sneakers to stilettos.
Strangle the binaries. Come sway between them.

Go embark on a sole expedition to desolate lands when they flock to destinations as clichéd as their thoughts
Go do something you probably shouldn’t do. Do it anyway. Embrace the reckless, unthinking beautiful you
Screw them who impart sermons on conscience
Go enjoy the dark side they implore you to change. Get to the cliff. Jump. Or don’t.
But not for a moment let them fasten their hideous claws on you.
Do. Cringe. Laugh.

But then, never say you don’t belong as if it’s a bad thing.

– A


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