Dads – The Original Superheroes


Fathers have always been the original superheroes for me. A man working to sustain his family round the clock is any day superior than a shield-toting caped crusader on a quest to save the civilians of a random metropolis. And today marks the day when we appreciate these undercover heroes.

My dad has always been my superhero. There may be things I don’t like about him, there are times we end up shouting at the top of our lungs (sometimes it snowballs terribly) and days we go without speaking to each other. But that is the beauty of a father-daughter relationship. You don’t need to communicate everyday to love each other. You don’t even have to agree all the time to get along with each other. Being very opinionated is not a breeding ground for arguments, according to me.

Dads are interesting beings. They are not verbally expressive, so you actually have to strain your mental faculties to see all the love and caring. It’s the little things they do that make you realise that they’re no less a mush ball than your mother. Buying you books the moment you shamelessly state your demands, listening to your endless harangue about everything wrong with your friend circle and college – as if yours is the only problem worth dealing with in the present scenario, always allowing you to indulge your sweet tooth while chiding you for your health issues, the frenzied running when you fall down from the stairs perfectly aware that you are as accident prone as they come – the list is endless.

There’s this thing with dads. They don’t need to hold placards saying I LOVE YOU to make you see that they do. They keep on doing these little heartwarming things without being too obvious. It’s endearing to me, honestly. They don’t need levitation skills and lasers to rock your world. They are just perfect with their scruffy beards and made-up songs that can induce convulsions of laughter in you. They are always there – brooding in silence. They may not pack your lunchboxes every morning because they are busy rushing to their offices themselves. They may not help you with your homework because they have a meeting the other day. They may not stay up nights with you because they barely get 5 hours of sleep a day. Dads may not always be physically with you, checking up on your lives every now and then. But that doesn’t make them any less important in our lives.

It’s true for me, at any rate. There are these moments that I have grown to appreciate. Cricket matches and Hollywood movies on HBO on weekends, getting to share my playlist with him and watching him like some of the songs in it, telling him about the newest book I read and how it could be the ‘Best book I have ever read’, sulking about the creative writing society I couldn’t get through, sometimes ganging-up against my mother…. The list is endless.

Here’s wishing my personal superhero a very happy Fathers’ Day. No home baked cookies and ridiculous banners because this is the only thing I’m remotely good at. He will understand. He always does.

– A


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