A stranger to love


Dear stranger
I love you
I have loved you from the moment I set my eyes on you
Well I agree this sounds ridiculously old school
But I have been in love with you for the following reasons –

Reason #1
You probably won’t see me again
You won’t see me chasing centipedes from a safe distance,
You won’t see me mouthing profanities amidst stuffy subways and stuffier mindsets
You won’t see me hugging the life out of people I barely know
And because you won’t see me again, I’m filled with this longing and ache
I have lost you too soon to get over you.

Reason #2
You don’t judge me. Even if you do,
You keep it bottled up till I’m out of your visual field.
That’s real sweet of you,
Because people here are big fans of innuendos and implications and insinuations.
You look at me once, sometimes twice
And in that we have been connected by red threads that you can’t see.
I don’t too. But I trip over them.

Reason #3
You don’t come with a baggage. Just like me.
We could be anyone in that one moment,
And we are comfortable with not knowing our stories.
We could we walking with blank slates, or the ones which have been sullied beyond repair
We don’t need to scan, censure, manipulate and break
We just have to be.

So believe me when I say I truly love you
And that’s all there is to it.

– A

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